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Freezer Paper Turned Edge Applique

Turned Edge Applique #3 – Freezer Paper Method

In the quilting world, I am a firm believer in the idea that it doesn’t necessarily matter how you got there as long as you end up in the right place. Using the Glue method for Turned Edge applique leaves a layer of interfacing on the fabric when stitched down. However, the Freezer paper method leaves no permanent backing on your fabric which helps reduce bulk. Simply a different method for getting a similar result. So, let’s gather our supplies and get started!

You’ll need:

  • Template
  • Applique Fabric
  • Freezer Paper
  • Sharp Scissors
  • Marking Pen
  • Awl
  • Craft Iron and board (or pressing mat)
  • Spray Starch (Best Press)

Freezer paper can be found at most grocery stores in the same aisle as Ziploc and garbage bags. It’s commonly used in kitchens to wrap meats before freezing. Our fishmonger also uses it to wrap the fish before sending it home. Great, now I’m craving salmon…

Preparing Your Freezer Paper

There are two sides to Freezer paper: the shiny side and the paper side. When you look at a piece of freezer paper it’s pretty easy to tell which side is which. The shiny side tends to stand out. There is no glue or permanent adhesive on the paper so it only has a temporary hold when pressed to your fabric.

Using your marking pen, trace your template on the paper side of your Freezer paper. Carefully cut out your design just INSIDE the line so that no ink remains.

Hint: When you are making a lot of applique pieces it’s a good idea to label each piece or keep them in separate Ziploc bags to prevent full on confusion. Ask me how I know.

Place the shiny side of your Freezer paper design face down on the WRONG side of you fabric. Press lightly with your iron.

Cut around the edges of your Freezer paper by about 1/4 inch.

Note: For inside curves, carefully cut a small slit almost up to the edge of your Freezer paper to allow for better easing.

Folding Your Edges

Spray a small bit of starch on the edge of your fabric.

Using your awl, carefully fold over the outer edge of one curve and turn toward the Freezer paper. Press firmly with your hot iron. The heat from the iron will dry the starch and crease your fold to better hold it in place.

Fold the next area of your fabric and press. Keep folding piece by piece and pressing as you go until you’ve worked your way around your applique piece.

Finally, reach inside one of the curved edges and gently pull out the Freezer paper. As it is not actually glued down it should peel away pretty easily.

Give your applique a final press and that’s it! You’ve now created a beautiful Freezer paper method flower that’s ready to be Stitched down. I’m thinking this would make a nice decorative pillow. What do you think?

Next we’ll earn just how easy it is to get those perfect points!

As always, Hoppy Quilting!

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