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See What’s Hoppin’ on our Christmas Week at the Pond!

We’re kicking off our Christmas in July week with cookies, pizza and Quilts. Oh my!

I can’t think of a much better way to kick off our Christmas in July week than with an amazing Quilting Sit and Sew with the wonderful ladies of our very own Charlotte Quilters Guild! Let me tell you, with all the planning, getting sick, re-planning, packing and moving, I definitely deserved a day of quilting and laughter with my tribe.

Oh yes, there were cookies.

Did I mention there were cookies? One of our Guild members brought an array of sweet treats for we Quilters to enjoy. And, boy did we ever. As an aside – I MUST get my hands on the recipe for those little pumpkin cookie drops of heaven. I lost track of my consumption level. But we won’t dwell on that now.

The turn out for our group was pretty great. We even ran out of extension cord plugs and had to add an extra table just to fit in all the machines. Speaking of machines, I have to introduce to Bette. Bette is a 1934 Featherweight that belongs to the fabulous Rebecca Grace. It was such a pleasure watching her wield that machine like a champ. Although, she’ll probably try to convince you the machine did all the work.

Bette the 1934 Singer Featherweight
Bette the 1934 Singer Featherweight

Even though Rebecca and I are both on the Charlotte Quilter’s Guild board (she heroically stepped up to take over on Community Ed) I was only recently introduced to her outstanding Cheeky Cognoscenti blog. There, we all get to follow along on her Quilting adventures. As she says, she’s “a writer and designer who quilts rather than a quilter who blogs”. Hop on over to check out her musings and be sure to show her some love while you’re there!

Quilting and More Quilting

The main purpose for our gathering over the weekend was to put together Christmas themed baby quilts for our upcoming quilt drive for the local Carolina’s Medical Center for infants and children. It’s an outstanding cause that I am truly excited to be a part of. The Guild provides the fabric and we Quilters do what we do best… quilt.

All day Saturday the ladies pulled together to knock out several quilt tops and a few of us took some home to continue working. Many of us (myself included) were also working on personal projects. I brought home my quilt kit for the drive and chose to work on some ADORABLE Christmas ornaments. However, I’m pretty sure I did a LOT more talking than actual working.

Christmas Blog Hop!

I’m a little bit of a paranoid person so I tend to over buy when it comes to fabric. But, I’m sure NONE of you would know anything about that. I’d much rather have extra pretties to play with than run out of fabric in the middle of a project. So, when I signed up to participate in this Christmas Collection Blog Hop, I MAY have over purchased… slightly.

My particular project for the Blog Hop will be a super cute Christmas Wall Hanging that uses an Applique technique to make Christmas bells, bows and sashing. As per my usual, I like to make projects my own by adding a little twist in one way or another. This time, instead of using the suggested Red, Green and Gold for the quilt, I’m going with Blue, Black and Silver. I think it’ll look fabulous! A very ‘cool’ Christmas quilt!

So, after completing the super cute Christmas Wall Hanging project (Full post on Friday!), I decided to use the leftovers to make some matching decorations. You’ll get to see all the How To’s on those on Wednesday!

Finally, the End

After a hard day of Quilting, laughing and eating entirely too many cookies on Saturday, yesterday was FINALLY moving day. Our chosen family all came out to make the trip a success so we celebrated with some well-deserved pizza and gelato at Inizio’s.

Let me tell you, after all this eating, I think I need a fasting day just to balance out the waistline! #worthit

As always, Hoppy Quilting!

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