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The Jingle Bell Wall Hanging Every House Needs

Jingle Bells Wall Hanging Christmas Blog Hop

“Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell Rock…” that is my favorite Christmas song! Ok, actually “I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas” is my very most favorite but “Jingle Bell Rock” is a close second. Therefore, when asked to participate in the Masterpiece Quilting’s Christmas Collection Blog Hop I just knew I wanted to make this adorable Jingle Bells Wall Hanging. Although, me being me, I did have to give it a little bit of twist.

The Jingle Bells Wall Hanging is a match to the Jingle Bells Quilt by Nancy Scott of Masterpiece Quilting. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to make the full quilt so the Wall Hanging was in! CLICK HERE to get your own copy!

I really did love the simplicity of the design and the fact that it has applique was a bonus. I do love applique. It has to be one of my favorite techniques. Plus, with its manageable size, the project was put together in no time at all. The darn near perfect Christmas gift! Or, super cute decoration for the new house!

Making It Mine

As I am also a designer, I love seeing how people interpret my designs. The little twists and tweaks that make the project their own. So, for any project I make that is not my own design I like to add a little twist of my own. In this case, I decided instead of doing the traditional Gold Bells from the pattern, I’d make Silver Bells! (Another fabulous Christmas song!) Oooh… hang on while I turn on some Christmas music. Don’t you love Youtube? Christmas any time of year.

Rock it Santa!

Back to the quilt. Silver Bells. Yes. In the end I went with these fabrics: Blue, Silver, Black and White. Makes for a pretty ‘cool’ quilt, no? Ha! I just sleigh myself! Oh I got a million of ‘em.

As this is NOT my pattern, I won’t give away the store here. You’ll have to purchase your own pattern for that. However, I will cover a couple little tricks/clarifications I used while putting this beauty together.


The supplies list calls for “Fusible web with paper release”. For this, I used Steam a Seam II Lite. I really like using Steam a Seam for Raw Edge Applique. Mostly because the paper is much easier to remove than others. I can’t tell you how many pieces I’ve ruined over the years trying to get that darn paper backing off.

Fusible webbing to use for raw edge applique

For the batting on this quilt I used a piece of left over 80/20 Cotton blend batting from a pervious bed quilt. So many uses for that stuff! You can even stitch scrap pieces together which is why my scrap batting collection is a little out of control. Maybe I should work on some more scrap buster projects…

Applique Those Bells

For patterns like this one that have attached applique template pieces I like to trace them on some Dritz Clear Template Plastic and store them in a labeled Ziploc bag with the pattern. That way, you can reuse them over and over! Like, say, if you wanted to make more wall hangings in MANY different colors for your son and his fiancé for their new house. Just as an example.  

How to make applique templates

You know, when my husband bought me the Caterpillar Light Table, I had no idea how often it would get used. Seriously, it makes tracing ANYTHING much easier. I’ve used it for applique projects, picture tracing for coloring projects, you name it.

How to make applique templates

Extra Tip: This pattern has Applique pieces that you need to cut in Reverse as well as Straight on. For these ones I will write an “R” on the Wrong side of the Reversed Fusible web pieces so that I know right away which one is which when I go to apply them to my fabric.

After your webbing is fused to your fabric and you’re ready to cut out the pieces, I like to use Karen Kay Buckley’s Large size scissors. The purple ones. They are the best scissors for Applique. With the ridged edges any kind of fussy cutting is just plain easier. It’s almost like cutting butter.

Best scissors for Applique


Before I begin any applique application, I like to lay out all my pieces over the background fabric so that I know exactly where everything will go and to make sure the pieces will line up correctly. Then, one by one, I pull off the backing paper and fuse each piece in place. Remember, there’s no rush here because once it’s set, it’s not going anywhere.

Extra Tip: When you have all your applique pieces laid out (before fusing) take a picture. This way if you have to stop or if something gets moved you’ll have photographic proof of where everything belongs.

Oh my gosh, Youtube just started playing Mele Kalikimaka. Now I want to watch National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. I’ll wait until after the blog is finished.

This is the first project that I’ve used ribbon on a quilt. I will definitely be doing more of this in the future. In the mean time I found that Steam a Seam really doesn’t work all too well with Ribbon. It’s just too tedious getting those tiny strips fused, etc. So, I used a little dab of plain old Elmer’s Glue to hold them in place until I could get them stitched down. Elmer’s is nothing more than starch and water so it will wash out.

Let’s Quilt It!

Nancy did a fabulous job on the quilting for the sample Jingle Bells Wall Hanging. I love how her lines up and down are fancifully done. Is ‘fancifully’ actually a word? Anywho… for mine I decided to go with a simple stippling. It’s my go-to quilting technique when I really don’t know how I want to quilt a project. With its beautiful randomness it still has a somewhat fanciful look. Plus, it’s quick! I think the quilting on this one took me less than an hour total. Although, I also outlined the Bells, Bows and Sashes with simple Straight stitching.

After that it’s all about the Binding and the Buttons. I did add the buttons at the very end so the thickness of the quilt would give them a little more stability.

How to make Quilted Christmas Ornament
Click HERE to make this awesome Christmas Ornament!

That was it! Don’t you love it? You can SO easily make your own as well! It will definitely add just a little extra touch to your Christmas decorations. Be sure to pick up your copy of the pattern HERE. Now for the Griswold’s…

As always, Hoppy Quilting!

Link: What to Make with Christmas Fabric Scraps

Link: Learn Raw Edge Applique

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