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The Quilting Pirate’s Booty

What’s your favorite quilt?

Every quilter has that one most special quilt that finds it’s way permanently into their heart and soul. Maybe it’s because of the hours they put in. Maybe it’s because the design was extra perfection. And, maybe it’s because of all the mistakes that were overcome to pull out the glorious masterpiece that holds the coveted “Favorite Quilt” position.

My favorite quilt is one that I don’t own. Several years ago one of my best friends asked me to design a quilt for her wedding anniversary. She entrusted me with everything from the design to completion. Dangerous proposition, I know, but she was in.

Not to ever be considered ‘ordinary’, this friend and her husband’s wedding was in Las Vegas at the Treasure Island resort with, of course, a pirate theme. So, the design choice was obvious. Poker. Ha! Just kidding. *grabbing my sword “Ahoy me matey! Ye shall walk the plank!”

Wait. Where was I? OH! The quilt. So, with my theme in mind I dug out one of my old doodles and re-worked it to include all the Captain Jack Sparrow worthy fabrics I had found around town, including an amazing panel that had written the words to that ‘Yo ho, yo ho’ song. Does anyone actually know all the words to that?

Let me tell you, finishing this quilt was a miracle. First, it was only the 4th full quilt I’d made. Second, I was working on a tiny Brother machine that was one step up from Betsy Ross with a neck about the size of 3 peas side by side. And third, I was making a KING size quilt.

There was lots of cursing involved. The likes of which would impress even Red Beard. But I did it. Stitch by stitch. Row by row. The pirate ship was complete.

My design and fabric selection made the quilt resemble the layers of a pirate ship. With the sea below and the night skies above (and the stars to navigate by) the deck of the ship even holds some hidden pirate’s gold.

Once the last stitch was in place I simply laid over it. Petted it. And contemplated whether or not my friend REALLY needed this quilt. But alas, I knew she would love it as much as I did. And she does.

What is your favorite quilt? Share your story in the comments below! And don’t forget to share with your friends on Facebook. As always, Hoppy Quilting!

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