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What to Make with Christmas Fabric Scraps

The idea that sparked my Christmas in July week was the Jingle Bells Wall Hanging I signed up to make as part of the Masterpiece Quilting’s Christmas Pattern Book Blog Hop. As I am a slightly paranoid person, I tend to over buy on fabric… slightly. So, after making the Jingle Bells wall-hanging I had plenty of left overs, so I decided to make a couple fun matching No Sew ‘Quilted’ Christmas Ornaments. These little guys are sew much fun to make and since there really is no sewing involved, you can work on them just about anywhere. Just toss your supplies in a handy tote bag and your off! In fact, I worked on this one at our Quilt Guild’s last Sit and Sew!

Silver Bells No Sew Quilted Christmas Ornament by Rona the Ribbiter

A few Christmas’s ago when I was teaching Quilting classes for JoAnn Fabric here in Charlotte, I wanted to have a fun free class to give back to all my amazing students that took class after class with me throughout the year. I immediately thought of the ‘Quilted’ ornaments. They’re super fun and so easy to make, anyone can create little masterpieces for their home! We had so much fun with that class that I’ve made them every year since, and even some in the summer!

With these awesome ornaments you can literally let your imagination run wild. You can make them themed for any holiday, birthday, baby shower, etc. You can use various pins, buttons or virtually any bauble that catches your eye. The options are endless!

You’ll Need The Basics

4 Inch Hygloss Styrofoam Balls

What ball to use for Quilted Christmas Ornament

I personally prefer the Hygloss Styrofoam instead of the Smooth because it is more versatile and the pins are easier to slide. The Smooth foam balls are denser and can be harder to push in the pins.

If you have a Thimble on hand, this can help save your finger tips from all the pin heads!

56 (or more) Fabric squares – 3″ x 3″

You can choose any fabrics you like. I like to use 3 – 4 matching fabrics. You want to cut your squares to approximately 3″ x 3″. However, they don’t have to be exact.

You’ll want to have at minimum of 8 – 16 of each fabric as long as you have a total of 56 squares.

Dressmaker Pins – box of 200 or more

Which pins to use for the Quilted New Sew Christmas ornaments

You will need at least 150 pins to make one ornament. Yes, that does seem like a lot but you’ll be amazed at how many will fit in those little balls!

Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue

What glue to use on Quilted No Sew Ornaments

Aleene’s Tacky Glue is a staple to keep around for any Crafter. The original is great for most any surfaces including fabric. It dries clear and holds like a champ!

7/8 Inch Ribbon and 1/4 Inch Ribbon

The ribbon required is for 2 purposes. The wider ribbon is used to wrap around the middle of the styrofoam ball to hide all of the raw edges of the fabric pieces. However, if you do not have a matching wide ribbon, you can also use a strip of fabric cut 14″ x 1.5 “. Fold the long sides under 1/4″, wrong sides together, to create a 14″ x 1” strip.

Dritz Long Pearlized Pins

Which pins do I use for Quilted No Sew Ornaments

In reality, any decorative pin will do. However, I like to keep these pearlized pins on hand because they come in a wide color variety so I can almost always find one that matches the fabrics I’m using.

Let’s Make Our No Sew Christmas Ornaments

The first step in making our ornaments is to choose your center. Take one square of your center fabric and fold it in half. Then, fold it in half again and press the center of the folds. This will create a 4-way crease. Wow, that was a lot of ‘centers’, wasn’t it?!

Open up your square and find the point where the crease intersects. Lay your fabric square on the Styrofoam ball, face down. On the WRONG side of your fabric square, push a dressmaker pin through that fabric center point and into the ball.

Fold the fabric in half so the Right side is facing out, as shown.

Carefully, fold the top right corner of your fabric in toward the bottom center. Repeat this same step with the left side so you have a triangle. Place one pin through each of the corners at the center of your triangle.

You will repeat these steps for all of your fabric squares. Every point is the same fold, pin and fold again steps repeated. Simple, right? Once you get the first one down, you’re off and running!

Once you have the center pin on your second fabric square, place the pin right next to your first point. Make sure you have your fabric face down.

As we did in the first triangle, fold the top down then the corners in to make your second triangle. This one should be folded directly opposite of your first triangle. Kind of looks like a bowtie doesn’t it?

Repeating the first steps again, add another folded triangle to each remaining side by lining up that center pin with the finished points on your styrofoam ball. You should now have a total of 4 triangles.

Pressing the outer corners flat with your fingers, place another pin at each outer triangle corner to hold them all in place.

Starting with your next colored fabric squares, repeat the first steps to make more triangles. This time you want to place your center pin about 1/2 inch down from the top point of the Light Grey triangle.

Fold down and the corners in to create your second set of 4 triangles.

For the next row, place the center pins about 3/4 inch down from the center point on your styrofoam ball, in between two of the first Dark Grey triangles, as shown above.

Continue adding Dark Grey triangles 3/4 inch down until you have a total of 8 Dark Grey triangles. As before, press the edges down with your fingers and place pins at the outer corners of the triangles to hold them in place.

Now we will repeat the steps from the Dark Grey triangles and add another set of 8 Black triangles. Place the center pins about 1/2 inch from the top points of all the Dark Grey triangles.

Finally, we will add the outer row of Blue triangles. You should now have covered about half of your styrofoam ball.

Ready for the Second Side?

Creating the second side of your ornament is almost identical to the first. However, first we need to find the center point on the second side of the ball.

This step is important so that, when finished, the ball will hang and display evenly from both sides.

To be honest, this part doesn’t necessarily need to be absolutely perfect. However, you do want to get it kind of close. First, I lay the ornament on my table with the finished side face down. Looking over top I kind of eyeball where I think the center is and place a pin.

Then, I pick up the ball with my thumb and forefinger on both centers and spin the ball. If they look pretty even on all sides, I’m good to go. If they are off slightly I will move the pin and restart until I have a good center point.

Once you find your center, repeat the steps from the first side.

This time I decided to change up the color configuration. Mostly because I ran out of Dark Grey squares to do all 8 but who cares? This way the ornament will be even more decorative from both sides.

Second side complete! I actually kind of like this look better than the first side. Is that bad?

Now For the Finishing Touch

I don’t know about you but I am a bit of a perfectionist. The fact that those points on the centers of each side are not perfect will drive me crazy. So, I decided the to hide them with on of the Dritz Pearlized Pins.

Using a dab of Tacky glue under the head of the pin to hold it in place and voila! Problem solved.

To finish up our ornament we need to hide all those unsightly unfinished edges. For this task you can use either a 14″ piece of 7/8 inch ribbon or you can use your folded fabric strip. I chose to go with this fabulous blue ribbon that matched the blue fabric beautifully!

First, find which side you want to be the top of your ornament. Place one end of your ribbon on the top with a pin.

Run the ribbon around the center of your ball back up to the top. Fold the raw edge of the ribbon under and pin in place.

I also like to add another Pearlized Pin on the bottom of the ribbon so it doesn’t go sliding around will nilly when being stored. Plus, it looks cute!

For the top of our ornament, we’ll need to cut 2 pieces of ribbon. The first piece will be for the loop we hang the ornament by and the second will be for a decorative bow. The size and length are completely up to you.

Wrap the ends of your loop under the center of your bow and place a pin through. Make sure you catch all the layers on your pin! Place the pin through large ribbon at the top of your ornament.

Using the Tacky glue, place a small dab under each ribbon edge and a small dab under the pin head. Am I the only one that giggle every time I read/write “pin head?”

Be sure to let the ornament rest at least 30 minutes for the glue to set before testing your bow.

And there you have it! You have your finished ornament ready to hang on display. The best part of these little beauties is that you can display them on either side!

Now that you’ve completed your first ornament it’s time to let you creativity loose! Try out ornaments using different fabrics, ribbons, pins, decorations, you name it. And, make sure to share with the class because I LOVE seeing your imaginations creations!

For now, I’m off to finish some binding on the long awaited Jingle Bells Wall Hanging. Enjoy the rest of your week!

As always, Hoppy Quilting!

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