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You Control Jack. Jack Doesn’t Control You.

The proper way to use your seam ripper.

Today is Trivia day! Therefore, I thought I’d share a bit of quilting trivia with the class. Seam ripppers. You know them. You love/hate them. You can’t live without them. But, do you know how to truly use them? Ahahah… follow me if you will…

We all know what a seam ripper looks like. It has the pointy end with a really sharp rounded bit and the knobby little red ball. Did you know that ball has a purpose? Well, it actually does!

For years I was using my little Jack the Ripper to tear out one or two stitches at a time. Painlessly plucking away bit by bit. Until one day I decided to turn my ripper (and my quilting life) upside down.

How to use a seam ripper

If you place the little red rounded ball face down UNDER your seam with the pointy end facing out the top, then pinch the seam with your free hand, carefully run Jack along your seam and it will take out MULTIPLE stitches at a time. I don’t know about you, but I’m all for those little time savers!

*video has no sound

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